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Omega-3 Minerals

NovoMin® NutraOmega™ minerals are Omega-3 minerals, an innovative dual nutritional complex, which are manufactured using a breakthrough proprietary (U.S. patent pending) technology.

What Are Omega-3 Minerals?

Omega-3 minerals are minerals complex and encapsulated by Omega-3 fatty acids. The process protects minerals from unfavorable environments, it also prevents minerals from reacting to other substances which affects absorption.

Cutting-Edge Research

The patent-pending process results from Novotech’s cutting-edge research, which makes both the minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids more stable, it also improves bioavailability. The dual nutrition complex is resistant to oxidation and easier to be applied to functional food preparations and dietary supplements. NutraOmega™ minerals include Omega-3

Calcium, Omega-3 Chromium, Omega-3 Iron, Omega-3 Magnesium , Omega-3 Zinc and other formulations are available upon request.

Why NovoMin® NutraOmega™ Minerals?

  1. Patented form to create Omega-3 minerals
  2. Innovative dual nutritional complex
  3. Improved bioavailability and stability
  4. Protection from adverse interactions
  5. Easy to use
  6. Application- specific formulations