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How Does NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 Powder Compare With Other Fish Based Omega 3 Powders?

July 15th, 2020

novoomega omega-3 f-30 powder


Customers all around the world are making the switch from fish oil and other fish based Omega-3 powders to NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30, a patented and highly effective Omega-3 powder made from fish oil with 30% EPA and DHA and increased bioavailability. To better assist you with your Omega-3 needs, this product comparison summary will help you understand the advantages of NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 powder over fish oil and other fish based Omega-3 powders. The specific points covered in this paper include digestion, bioavailability, oxidation, smell, taste, microencapsulation, and nutritional value.

What are Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Why are They Important?

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids, which are vital for human health. However, humans cannot produce these fatty acids. For this reason, Omega-3 fatty acids must be obtained from food.

Evolutionary assessments suggest that people worldwide consume far less Omega-3 fatty acids than required. Although deep water fish is the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids, the average person does not consume enough fish. Efforts to supplement foods and dietary supplements with Omega-3 fatty acids have not been very successful due to the generally distasteful flavors, strong odors and decreased nutritional value associated with fish oils and powders.

Digestion and Bioavailability

When Omega-3 oils are consumed, they are hydrolyzed into free Omega-3 fatty acids and glycerin by stomach and pancreatic juices. However, many individuals have difficulty digesting Omega-3 fatty acids in the oil form due to ineffective enzyme production, and thus, places additional stress on the body, while resulting in low absorption and bioavailability.

Unlike other fish based microencapsulated Omega-3 powders, patented NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 powder is unique because it is pre-digested and solves the digestion issue. The term pre-digested means that the long chain fatty acids are already broken down by beta oxidation, a metabolic process in which the fatty acid molecules are broken into smaller fatty acid units, so the body does not have to do the work. As a result, NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 powder is extremely bioavailable and easily absorbed in the body, while delivering immense nutritional value.

Another key feature of NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 powder is that it is in the natural triglyceride form (TG), which is more bioavailable than the ethyl ester (EE) form. Triglycerides are fatty acids that are esterified to a glycerol backbone and are the most dominant types of fatty acids in the human body, whereas ethyl esters are fatty acids that lack molecular backbones. Since ethyl ester fatty acids lack a molecular backbone, it poses a major problem in that the body must find an available backbone during digestion to convert it from the EE form to the TG form. As a result, it increases oxidative stress levels and negative side effects. Thus, using fatty acids in the TG form is better because it results in higher bioavailability, absorption, and retention than the EE form. Lastly, most fatty acids in foods such as fish, vegetable oils, and nuts exist in the triglyceride form.

Oxidation, Smell and Taste

Fish oils and fish based Omega-3 powders are extremely susceptible to oxidation when exposed to oxygen in the air. Oxidation leads to the destruction of fish oil molecules, mainly alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, and acids. As a result, it causes the extremely smelly fishy smell and taste, both of which are undesirable for consumers.

NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 powder was created to differentiate itself from other Omega-3 fish powders and oils on the market. As the leading Omega-3 powder used by contract manufacturers, dietary supplement companies, and food manufacturers worldwide, NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 powder is made via a patented manufacturing process that results in significantly reduced levels of oxidation. During the oxidation process, peroxy radicals and hydroperoxide molecules are produced. These molecules then undergo chain branching, which is when splitting occurs. Chain branching occurs at much faster rates in liquid forms than solid forms. Since fish oils are in the liquid form, they oxidize at much higher rates. On the other hand, NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 powder is in the solid form because it is a calcium salt. As a result, Omega-3 F-30 powder has reduced levels of oxidation, fishy smell, and fishy taste.

Nutritional Value

novoomega omega 3 f-30 powder vs other fish oil omega 3 powders epa dha content

Many other fish oil based Omega-3 powders on the market use microencapsulation. While microencapsulation is a popular method to protect the fish oils from being susceptible to oxidation, it significantly reduces the percentage content of EPA and DHA by approximately 50%. Not only does microencapsulation reduce EPA and DHA levels, it also contains unhealthy excipients like maltodextrin and starchy products. NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 powder uses an innovative patented technology, resulting in the conversion of 100% fish oil to 100% powder. With 1 gram of NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 powder, you will receive 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA, which is almost more than double the amount of EPA + DHA compared with other fish based Omega-3 powders. No excipients, fillers, proteins, or carbohydrates are used to ensure that this product is allergen and gluten free, 100% pure without any added chemicals, and has the maximum EPA and DHA levels.

In addition, as a calcium salt, NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 powder contains approximately 9% Calcium, which provides additional nutritional benefits such as overall bone health support, improved heart, nerve, and muscle contractions, and protection against diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure.


NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 powder is a stable and highly nutritious fish based Omega-3 powder that can easily be used by formulators and manufacturers in a variety of applications including: tablets, capsules, softgels, powder mixes, chewable tablets, yogurt and much more. It is compatible with many other nutritional ingredients and does not cause any negative interactions. Lastly, some other benefits of Omega-3 F-30 powder include a long shelf life of 2 years and reduced shipping costs because strict temperature-controlled environments are not required.

Other NovoOmega® Omega-3 Powders

In addition to NovoOmega® Omega-3 F-30 powder, Novotech Nutraceuticals manufactures three other patented NovoOmega® Omega-3 powders at its GMP certified facility in Ventura, CA:

All three Omega-3 powders are Calcium Salts and have high levels of bioavailability, absorption, and retention. In addition, they have increased DHA and ALA contents, are carbohydrate and protein free, gentle on the stomach, do not require refrigeration, have minimal smell and taste, and have a longer shelf life of 2 years. To receive more information about our NovoOmega® Omega-3 powders, please contact our sales team at