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Nutra-C® Non-Acidic Vitamin C

Nutra-C®, which is in powder form, is a unique and more effective non-acidic
Vitamin C ingredient. Nutra-C® is made using a specific water-based manufacturing
process which results in a pH neutral product that contains
naturally occurring Vitamin C metabolites.

These metabolites activate the Vitamin C molecules making it easier for
the body to transport them from cell to cell delivering
numerous health benefits.

Since it contains chelated minerals, mainly calcium ascorbate with
special formulation, Nutra-C® is ionized completely and is 100% bio-available from
the moment of consumption.

From a trial study, Nutra-C® has been shown to help Vitamin C intake
and increase retention of Vitamin C by cells. This new vitamin C ingredient
provides much faster absorption and better retention rate.

Benefits of Nutra-C® Vitamin C

1. High Bioavailability

Several hours after consumption of Nutra-C® , the vitamin C concentration
in the blood is much higher than it would be compared with taking buffered or regular
vitamin C.

2. Better Retention

Following consumption of Nutra-C®, the loss of vitamin C via
urine is lower compared with taking ordinary vitamin C.

3. Non-Acidic and Gentle on the Stomach

Nutra-C® is non-acidic and hence does not cause digestive problems,
not even when taken in large amounts.

4. Quick Absorption and Powerful Immune Support

Nutra-C® provides quick absorption and 24-hour retention in
the body and offers powerful immune support.

Nutra-C® Applications