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Magnesium Taurate Benefits

April 30th, 2019

What is Magnesium Taurate?

magnesium taurate

Magnesium Taurate, also known as Magnesium Taurinate, is a composition and reaction of magnesium oxide and taurine. Magnesium is an essential macro-mineral for humans, whereas taurine is an amino acid that is important for both the brain and body. When Magnesium and Taurine are combined to make Magnesium Taurate, the benefits include enhancing cognitive function and protecting against cardiovascular disease, migraines and depression.

Chemical Formula: C4H12MgN2O6S2

magnesium taurate chemical formula

What are the Benefits of Magnesium Taurate?

magnesium taurate benefits

Novotech Nutraceuticals' Magnesium Taurate 8% Powder


Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body and is involved in hundreds of cellular reactions such as regulation of heart contractions and transmission of signals between the body and brain.

Research has shown that 68% of humans don't receive enough Magnesium in their diet. Low levels of Magnesium can lead to depression, fatigue, muscle weakness, and even high blood pressure.

Foods such as pumpkin seeds, spinach, black beans, flaxseed, tofu, salmon, and avocado contain high levels of magnesium ; however, if diet alone is not enough to meet the daily magnesium requirements, dietary supplements such as tablets and capsules should be taken.


Why Use Novotech Nutraceuticals' Magnesium Taurate?

Novotech Nutraceuticals' Magnesium Taurate 8% powder is fully reacted, soluble, and can easily be used in a variety of applications including: tablets, capsules, soft gels, beverages, powder mixes and more!

magnesium taurate

Developed from cutting edge research and manufactured at our facility in Ventura, CA, Novotech Nutraceuticals' Magnesium Taurate powder will bring about a vast number of health benefits.

Not only is Magnesium Taurate well tolerated by the body, but it also has high bioavailability, absorption, and retention. Bioavailability is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a mineral because without bioavailability, the mineral will simply be excreted from the body and not get utilized.

Absolutely no fillers, carriers, or excipients are used during the manufacturing process.

Using Novotech Nutraceuticals' Magnesium Taurate powder is the safest way of knowing that you are getting the purest mineral that is effective and reliable for delivering the correct mineral content and nutritional value.