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Custom Pre-Mix & Custom Minerals

Novotech welcomes the opportunity to serve customers’ private-label needs for any pre-mix and custom formulations. Custom Pre-Mix can be manufactured by Novotech in Southern California at a higher quantity based on customer-specified minerals and ingredients. Customers who request custom pre-mix will be required to take all quantities produced as Novotech will not keep any at hand. We also can produce any required mineral % for chelated minerals at a higher minimum quantity. Novotech is in the process of developing more functional ingredients under the tradename of HEALTH ENHANCER® series (please refer to Featured Products). We welcome your input for functional ingredient development.

Novotech has an active R&D Department and manufacturing personnel with many years of experience manufacturing specialty mineral ingredients and Omega-3 Minerals. We can partner with you to develop custom mineral ingredients for your nutritional products.