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Natural Functional Pet Nutrients and Ingredients

Nutrition is the key to maintaining a healthy pet immune system and resistance to disease. Nutritional factors that play an important role in healthy dogs and cats include Omega-3, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc. The requirement for these essential nutrients increases during periods of rapid growth or reproduction.

Chelated Minerals:

Chelated minerals are bound to a carrier, such as an amino acid or metal and chelation protect the minerals as well as increases its absorption, bioavailability and utilization, also chelation helps keep the minerals bound to the product.

Pet Food Application:

According to the American Association of Feed Control, one can use a metal amino acid chelate or blended into a premix. Even though chelated minerals often have a distinctive color of their own, they are not likely to be seen in the finished petfood due to their small inclusion level. It should be noted that trace minerals can lead to discoloration or spotting in some higher moisture foods such as canned pet foods, the issue of oxidation in which transition metals such as iron and copper are involved, chelated minerals have been proposed as a possible solution to these issues. The rationale for adding chelated minerals to the pet diet is to improve mineral availability and pet health. Because of its bound to an organic ligand, the mineral is more bioavailable.

PetOmega™ Omega-3 Powder: 15% of DHA+EPA Omega-3 Powder. Support eye and heart health, as well as behavior.
PetOmega™ Omega-3 + Calcium Amino Acid Chelate: For bone development.
PetOmega™ Omega-3 + Copper Amino Acid Chelate: For proper utilization of Iron and for normal skeletal growth.
PetOmega™ Omega-3 + Iron Amino Acid Chelate: For the formation of haemoglobin which is necessary for the transportation of oxygen in the bloodstream and to the whole body.
PetOmega™ Omega-3 + Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate: For used in carbohydrate and fat metabolism and as a catalyst for enzymes.
PetOmega™ Omega-3 + Manganese Amino Acid Chelate: For proper bone formation, growth and reproduction.
PetOmega™ Omega-3 + Selenium Amino Acid Chelate: For protecting cell membranes from oxidation.
PetOmega™ Omega-3 + Zinc Amino Acid Chelate: For enhancing normal bone, muscle and hair growth.